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All about making positive changes and IMPACT on NHS Patients and Staff. #NHSCharities

NHS Charities 
Grant Approval Needs.

Smart Approve can build you a bespoke grant making application process which can automate and speed up your grant request approval process.


Moving away from paper based forms and email. Our platform will chase the approval decision and keep everyone informed on the status of the requests.


Our system provides:

  • An online smart grant application form.

  • Secure logins for all staff, with registrations limited to specific NHS email domains.

  • Custom online grant application forms allowing NHS staff to enter full details of their request, including a breakdown of costs. Impact justification. 

  • The facility to attach any relevant files to grant forms.

  • A tiered approval process allowing specific departments to provide their initial approval before the application is escalated to the charity for final approval

  • A complete audit trail of the entire approval process with every interaction logged.

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With Smart Approve


Our approval software will automate your NHS charities grant requests and the approval outcomes will only take up 2.5 weeks maximum across multiple NHS decision makers. 

Without Smart Approve. Typical timeline for NHS Charities Grant Approval is between 10 -12 weeks. 

1.Preparation Phase 

(1-4 weeks): This phase involves gathering data, conducting analysis, and crafting the business case. Depending on the scope and complexity of the proposal, this phase can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

2.Internal Review

(1-2 weeks): Once the business case is prepared, it typically goes through an internal review process. This involves presenting the case to relevant stakeholders, such as department heads, finance teams, and executives, for feedback and initial approval.

3.Revision and Refinement

(1-2 weeks): Based on the feedback received during the internal review, revisions may be necessary to further refine the business case. This could involve adjusting financial projections, addressing concerns raised by stakeholders, or incorporating additional data or analysis.

4.Final Approval

(1-4 weeks): After the necessary revisions are made, the business case is presented for final approval. The timeline for this step can vary widely depending on the decision-making structure of the organisation. In some cases, final approval may be granted relatively quickly, while in others, it may require approval from multiple layers of management or executive committees, which can take longer.

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