Turning ideas into reality – the challenge

How do brilliant ideas become a reality? I’ve been pondering this for many years.

There are challenges inherent in getting great ideas off the ground. Some ideas make it but others just don’t. Is it a simple case of some you win some you lose or something more tangible that makes the difference? I’ve worked in software sales for many years and I’m fascinated with why some projects are implemented, get rolled out and then improve working lives whilst others lie dormant.

So, let’s kick this off. Maybe you’ve seen some new technology at a trade event. You know this could save your company time and money in the long term. You start to tell colleagues, line manages and Directors about it. Some are keen and some need more convincing. What happens next?

If your pitch to the senior management team goes well, they might sort of agree to explore your ideas further. But…they’ll want to know more, particularly about any implementation costs and the benefits of making the change. What now?

You’re buzzing because you’ve been listened to. You get as far as doing the legwork and pulling together the required information. There’s a bit of a problem though. You didn’t realise that this process would involve being contacted by sales people chasing you for updates and making demands on your time. They’ll want to build a relationship with you and your business and you’re their contact for this. There’s more to this than you thought.

Then the next senior management meeting comes around with a time slot for you to pitch your recommendation more formally. You’re armed with quotes and all the details you need and are feeling confident. The pitch goes well and you get commitment that your idea will be approved within a week. You’re 90% of the way there. Happy days!

Then things stall. The weeks pass, then the months and excitement for the new technology and change fades. There’s your day job to worry about as well after all. Your role has changed, you’ve got more on your plate than ever and your family holiday is just around the corner.

This is when a serious case of  ‘WHY BOTHER’ turns up and you lose interest in the project altogether. Without you pushing things nothing happens and that’s the end of that. This is exactly how brilliant ideas stall and never see the light of day. It’s not you, it’s not your company, it’s the process. It’s all just too much.

So, there you have it. Another brilliant idea sat on the shelf or even worse in a director’s inbox…

The solution? My response was to create SmartApprove to ensure that more brilliant ideas don’t slip through the net. Give it a try and see how it can make a difference to your ideas.

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