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Smart Approve >> New software discovery questions to ask your internal teams.

When discovering new software, it's important to ask a variety of questions to understand its features, functionality, and suitability for your needs. Here are some questions you might consider:

Purpose and Overview:

What is the primary purpose of the software?

Can you provide a brief overview of the software's key features?


What operating systems is the software compatible with?

Are there any specific hardware requirements?

User Interface:

How user-friendly is the interface?

Is there a demo or trial version available for testing the interface?


Does the software integrate with other tools or systems?

Are there APIs available for customisation or integration with other applications?


Is the software scalable to accommodate future growth or increased usage?


What security measures are in place to protect data?

Is data encryption used, and how is it implemented?

Updates and Maintenance:

How often is the software updated?

Is there a maintenance plan, and what does it include?

Support and Training:

Is there customer support available?

Are training resources, tutorials, or documentation provided?

Cost and Licensing:

What is the pricing model (subscription, one-time purchase, freemium)?

Are there any hidden costs or additional fees?

User Feedback:

Have there been any user reviews or testimonials?

How has the software been received in the industry or community?


Can the software be customised to meet specific business requirements?

Are there options for creating plugins or extensions?


How does the software perform under different workloads?

Are there any known performance issues or limitations?

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