Meeting madness – let’s stop it together

“I could really do with a few more meetings today. I’ve got nothing in my calendar and nothing to do”. Ever heard that? Me neither, having too many meetings can suck the life out of the office, be a daily grind and leave staff feeling overwhelmed. However, if we want a collaborative workplace which fosters new ideas and thinking is there really an alternative?

I spent years working for companies where meetings were held for all sorts of reasons but sometimes not the right ones. We can make meetings more effective by having clear agendas and documenting actions. We can try having them standing up, lounging on beanbags, dialling in. There’s all sorts of ways to do meetings differently, but is there a way to achieve the same goals without a meeting?

We think at SmartApprove that our innovative new cloud based approval system is the answer. By holding all the information on a project in one place, allowing people to comment in their own time, when they have time, and being able to track the inputs of different players the need for meetings is reduced.

If people want to pore over the documents and provide detailed comments they can. If someone wants to green light an idea they can. Everyone spends the time they need to on the project rather than having to limit their time to the meeting or attend just for the sake of it. You may still need the odd meeting here and there though and we’ve even created a template for constructing clear and simple meeting minutes and getting them approved when necessary.

See if you can use SmartApprove to reduce your meeting time and still get things done or to just document your meetings more quickly and effectively. Let me know how you get on,  I’d love to hear from you. Maybe we can have a meeting about it (…not!)??

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