Calling all Portfolio Managers

Calling all Portfolio Managers. Are you struggling with Change Requests? We can help.

Even when you’ve got a programme or project up and running and you’ve got the management team on board, things can change and new information or insights come to light. That’s when you need to raise a change request. Success is within reach, but there’s a few hoops to jump through first.

So, what do you do? Create a mini business case with all the details of the change and project outcome including why you need to change things and submit it to the senior project board for approval on email. Simple enough, but then the hard bit starts…you wait for everyone to come back to you separately and then try and keep on top of their responses. Who’s said what, who’s on board, who do you have to chase…………arggghhhhh nightmare! Weeks or months may pass resulting in project delays, additional work for you and ultimately problems for your business.

At Smart Approve we have developed a document management platform that puts you in control. Choose one of our templates to help you put your business case forward then just sit back whilst the system automatically keeps everyone updated, prompts people to respond and reminds people of the deadline you’re working towards. With all comments, responses and decisions logged centrally it’s easy to get the crucial approvals you need to get things done.

Please get in touch to find out more to how we can help.

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