About Us

Born in Brighton & Hove, UK.

Smart Approve is the business case development, tracking and approval workflow platform for the smarter business. It encourages collaborative working and idea sharing to enable the users and business to work smarter and gain better visibility on investment.

All businesses manage projects and expenditure in different ways but the real difficultly is creating and seeking the approval to start the project. At Smart Approve we have developed a simple and easy to deploy cloud-based platform.

Smart Approve is not a project management or procurement platform but a simple web-based service that will help you gain approval momentum and lead to efficiencies for the small to medium enterprise.

This will allow users to create and submit their own business cases securely and privately and then track them as they are discussed and circulated within your business seeking that ever-important approval.

Our goal at Smart Approve is to give your business better visibility of your return on investment year on year.